About Westwind Air Bearings

The World’s leading and largest specialist air bearing designer and manufacturer.

Westwind has developed an extensive range of proven PCB spindles. Westwind spindles are featured on many of the world's leading drilling and routing machines including: Schmoll, Posalux, Pluritec, Mania, Lenz, ESI (Dynamotion), Excellon, and Hitachi.

Westwind Air Bearing spindles make the difference in PCB manufacturing, automotive coating, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and many other markets where performance needs are outside the scope of conventional bearing technology.

As a result, Westwind Air Bearings is universally recognized as a world leader. Westwind has achieved this status by constantly striving to improve processes and through a commitment to continual investment in cutting-edge technology.

As stated by Westwind's Quality Policy: "We strive to achieve world-class performance through understanding gained through partnerships with our customers and suppliers enabling quality to be built into design, manufacturing, and after sales service."

At ADS we are proud to act as Westwind's agent for after sales service and support. Our goal is to meet Westwind's high standards and exceed customer expectations through our own demanding standards.

Learn more about Westwind at www.celeramotion.com/westwind/