Air Bearing Spindles

Air bearing spindles are precision engineered components, requiring careful maintenance and servicing to guarantee the best performance.

An air bearing spindle is a non-contacting system where a gas film of pressurized air acts as the lubricant to separate two surfaces in relative motion. The use of an air chamber provides many benefits:

  1. Minimal wear since there is no mechanical contact, which improves the overall bearing life and ensures rotational precision remains constant over time.
  2. Extremely high rotational speeds allowed by low shear forces.
  3. Reduced vibration and constant bearing stiffness.
  4. Extreme radial and axial rotational precision.

Refer to the figure below to see the manufacturing precision required to create the air chamber.

The allowable tolerance for components to meet original design specifications can be as small .00005”.

At ADS our objective is to repair spindles to perform to original design specifications and to the highest quality to give accurate, long performance.

In addition to our repair center, ADS sells Westwind Spindles. We carry inventory on selected new and rebuilt spindle models for sale or exchange, available for next day delivery. Our experience and industry knowledge can assist in directing you to the best product for your specific application.

For quotes and product specifications, please contact us.