Hitachi Air Bearing Spindle Repair

Hitachi Via Mechanics manufactures a broad range of products including printed wiring board Mechanical Drilling Machines, Routing Machines, and Laser Drilling Machines. Machines range from single head to multiple station with independent X, Y axis and symmetrical movement. Hitachi Via Mechanics drilling mechanical machines use air bearing spindles ranging in speed from 100,000 R.P.M. to 350,000 R.P.M. The air bearing spindles featured on Hitachi machines are Westwind Air Bearing and Air Bearings Limited manufactured spindles. The ball bearings featured on Hitachi machines are Precise manufactured spindles. Below is a list of air bearing and ball bearing spindles installed on Hitachi machines.

ADS completes all Hitachi spindle repairs using genuine OEM parts. All spindle repairs must pass the OEM's specifications for high performance. Our turnaround time for Hitachi spindle repairs is 24 hours. In addition, we stock a large supply of new and rebuilt Hitachi spindles.

Our objective is to perform the highest quality repair to help you minimize interruptions and downtime and optimize your operation.

We believe this can only be accomplished by ADS.

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